Sometimes, fees will apply. You don’t want to hear that. We get it. But we’re keeping these fees and charges as low as possible, which we’re able to do because we’re a not-for-profit organization and we’re not in the business of gouging you.

Effective as of October 1, 2016.

Saving & Checking Accounts
Service Fee
Early withdrawal
Holiday or Summer Acct
Official Checks (Third Party) $5.00
Insufficient Funds Check/ ACH $25.00
Uncollected/NSF Deposited Item $25.00
Overdraft Transfers $3.00
Stop Payment (On Us) $25.00
Stop Payment (Official Check) $25.00
Early Account Closure $10.00 closed within 90 days of opening
Account Research $25.00 per hour
Abandoned Account 3 years inactive $50.00
Bill Payer Free – Closed after 6 months inactive
ATM/Debit Cards
Service Fee
ATM Fee $1.50 after 10 transactions
ATM/Debit Auto Transfer $3.00
ATM/Debit Card Replacement $25.00 (1st replacement free)
Inactive ATM/Debit Close after 12 months
IRA Fees
Service Fee
IRA Annual Fee $15.00
IRA Transfer Fee $25.00
Visa Card Fees
Service Fee
Visa Late Fee $25.00
Visa Card Replacement Fee $25.00 (1st replacement free)
Wire Transfers
Service Fee
Domestic Wire – Out $25.00
International Wire – Out $50.00