During this stressful time the MFCU will be offering the following service to assist you in handling your finances.

  • We have already lowered the rate to 3.00% on all our variable rate Equities!
  • We are and will continue to waive most fees (NSFs and Overdraft).
  • Early withdrawal penalties for the holiday and summer accounts will be waived.
  • Regarding ATM fees. We will waive fees! Contact us if you have been charged a fee from another Financial Institution and we will work with you for reimbursement.
  • By request we are offering payment deferrals on all our loans without a fee (Requirements may apply).
  • We will offer a short-term loan with a maximum of $1,000.

Call the credit union to discuss your existing payment options and deferment eligibility if you have been financially affected by COVID-19.

Now is a good time to think about ways to save money!
Think about an Auto Refinance, check out our rate.
It may be a good time to discuss a Mortgage Refinance.

Take advantage of our annual Specials!

Consolidation Loan

Max Amount $12,000
8.25% – 6yr

Variable Rate Equity

1.50% fixed for 1yr
½ below prime for the remainder of the term
$200 closing cost
$25,000 minimum

MFCU is well capitalized and financially strong. Your deposits are safe and insured up to $250,000 per individual depositor by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA).